Well this is a turn up for the books. Brendan O'Connor must be doing somersaults down in Cork, broken arm and all. The RTE ratings have emerged for this last weekend gone and in an unusual state of affairs, The Saturday Night Show has come out on top against The Late Late Show.

O'Connor's show brought in an audience of 501,900 on Saturday while Tubbers came in just below at 499,600. Yes okay, it's not a huge difference but not a common occurrence all the same.

In fairness though Brendan did have some great guests this weekend gone including an indepth interview with George Hook as well as a discussion with the other Six Nations panelists, Brent Pope and Tom McGurk. While Dr Ciara Kelly of that Operation Transformation incident was also on.

While The Late Late Show had... wait, who did the The Late Late Show have on again? Ah no, it was Maia Dubphy, Nick Munier and the Kodaline fellas - a grand bunch but nothing you'd stay in for really. The Late Late was also up against the opening Six Nations match with coverage running into the start of the show.

Still though, Ryan v Brendan, let the battle commence!