If you were looking for an epically long first two 'Game of Thrones' episodes, then this news might leave you a little bit crestfallen.

Our anticipation for the final season has reached fever pitch. The first of the final season 'Game of Thrones' episodes will be arriving in 34 days to be exact, so you'll forgive us for getting excited about the smallest of details.

Last year, news broke that the final season of the fantasy series will be bringing with it fewer, albeit super-sized episodes. Now, it turns out the first two episodes will have a normal running-time.

Episode one is expected to run at a fairly regular 54 minutes, while its follow-up will be 58 minutes in length. With only six 'Game of Thrones' episodes ever left in the tank, here's hoping that the final four will be more super-sized. More than likely, they'll be running for at least 80 minutes in length, with the Battle of Winterfell episode expected to run longer than some movies, at 90 minutes.

Of course, 'Game of Thrones' won't be finished after the final season hits. Not only does author George R. R. Martin have two (TWO!) books left to write, but there's also a spin-off series in the works. Hesitantly titled, 'The Long Night,' Naomi Watts has be cast in the lead role, with filming said to currently be underway in Belfast. However, news about the prequel series has been very quiet of late; presumedly to allow the final season of 'Thrones' to get all of the attention it deserves.

The first of the final season 'Game of Thrones' episodes will be available for Irish audiences from April 15th.

Via Collider.