We here in Ireland have known for many years that the Rubberbandits are amongst our most cherished and eloquent ambassadors.

They're like Michael D. Higgins mixed with Monty Python and then funnelled into a blender with '90s rap thrown in on top of it. They're crazy as f*ck, basically, but they're our kind of crazy.

With that in mind, it'll be interesting to see how their brand of comedy goes over with American audiences as the show is set to make its primetime premiere on MTV USA this week.

The Almost Impossible Gameshow is a Total Wipeout clone, with contestants given a total of 40 lives with the hope they'll make it through a variety of various exercises. Along the way, Blindboy Boatclub and Mr. Chrome offer commentary and analysis.

The show's aired on ITV2 since October 2015 for two seasons so far and, with a primetime slot on American television, the hope is Gas Cuntism - their art manifesto - can spread Stateside.

The show debuts on MTV USA on October 13th. Here's the teaser.