Although it's only one episode into its revival season, ABC have confirmed that a second season has been ordered for the comedy series off the back of its incredible ratings right out of the gate.

In fact, the ratings were so good that Donald Trump, the current US President, called Roseanne Barr - who is a vocal Trump supporter - to congratulate her on the ratings because of course he did. ABC confirmed the news after the first episode pulled in 18.2 million viewers, and that's not even counting overseas viewers yet.

While the figures show how popular the series is with Americans, the praise for Roseanne hasn't been widespread across US media. In fact, it's been pretty divided. Kumail Nanjiani, the star and writer of The Big Sick and HBO's Silicon Valley, made a not-so-subtle dig at the show on Twitter whilst Tom Arnold, Barr's ex-husband, put the whole show on blast with this tweet.

For her part, Roseanne Barr's political statements have been pretty disgraceful. In a now-deleted tweet that went out the night of the show's premiere, Barr appeared to be promoting a conspiracy theory that one of the Parkland survivors was throwing a Nazi salute (he wasn't). Not only that, Barr also claimed in an also-deleted tweet from last year that Ireland was hosting radical anti-Semites "whose goal is the Destruction of Jewish Tribal Lands and Jewish Sovereignty in Judea (Israel)."

However, Sara Gilbert - who plays Darlene, Roseanne's on-screen daughter and is one of the executive producers on the show - said in Thursday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live that Trump's name will never be mentioned on the show. "The Conners aren’t Trump supporters. Roseanne’s character is a Trump supporter — she’s the only one — and we never say his name, actually, in the show," said Gilbert.

The current season is expected to run for nine episodes, however there's been no word yet on when it will receive an international broadcast.