We were promised a lot in the lead-up to last night's 'Love Island', but was anyone else slightly underwhelmed by the extended episode?

After the inevitable long goodbye on Maura and Tom's coupling, Tommy and Molly-Mae's dull-as-ditchwater horse riding date and Amber and Michael's married-for-20-years-style bickering, we knew that two islanders were facing the chop.

The twist was that those who had been deemed 'safe' – Lucie, Molly-Mae and Amber from the girls, and Anton, Michael and Tommy from the boys – had to choose who to dump.

They picked Tom and Arabella, delighting Maura and devastating Danny in the process. Karma, bitch, etc.

In fact, the best part about the whole thing was Curtis and Amy's dawning realisation that the public don't think they're the golden couple that they imagine themselves to be.

Here's what Twitter had to say about the matter...