Are you parched? Because Antoni, Tan and Jonathan might have something for that.

2018 may feel like we're trying to pull our arms out of a tar pit with our faces at times but at least we've been blessed with the wonder that is the all-new Netflix reboot of 'Queer Eye' and the five savvy men who make up its cast.

And while we may have to wait just a little bit longer for more from the Fab Five, they're making sure we know what they're up to by hanging out and sharing the most attention-seeking photos of them together (and we love them for it).

Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France and Antoni Porowski spent the last 24 hours together promoting the show for Emmy consideration and found time in their busy schedule for some poolside r'n'r which they decided was worth sharing.

If you don't get the guacamole reference, you clearly haven't been watching the show enough.

No exact word on when the show is back on Netflix, but seeing as it's "already in the can" according to the boys, it should be sooner rather than later.

Can you believe?