The world of Glee has been in a frenzy lately with the tragedy of Cory Monteith's premature death and the shaking up of its regular cast. Many of the stars that began with the show and saw it rise to its status as an international favourite have recently come out to say they are leaving the show permanently, among them being Mark Salling (Puck), Heather Morris (Britney S), Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang). The latest original/early member to announce they are moving on from the musical series is Jayma Mays A.K.A. Emma Pillsbury the counsellor and other half of Will Schuester.

Jayma Mays opened up about her decision to leave the show after being asked about its future on the red carpet- or in this case, befittingly themed blue carpet- of the Smurfs 2 premiere in Hollywood last weekend. She stated, 'I'm finishing up this season, so I'm not sure what direction and who’s coming on and who's not.' Calling all Pillsbury fans, get your fill of the OCD, doe-eyed counsellor now while you still can. If it's any consolation, the actress is set to star in a new upcoming series alongside Will Arnett called 'The Millers'.

On a sidenote, this is double the good news if you're a Glee and Arrested Development fan,but it's probably too high a hope the show is a merging of the two...Though George Oscar Bluth's madcap adventures have already allowede us to see him take a pigeon out of the freezer so why not go the extra step forward and sing about it? Detaching ourselves from the endless possibilities, in addition to having a new show we can watch her on, Glee's adored diminuitive red-head has also not ruled out returning to the show as a special guest.She admitted, she 'would love to do that' when directly approached about the opportunity.

The future of one of the most loved shows on TV is questionabe as it stands, as with most of the original cast bowing out it is arguably at risk of coming to an end this season. However, the series is not giving up easily, hiring new members such as American Idol singer Adam Lambert to help prop up the ensuing season. The question every TV producer/creator must ask looms over Glee; should the show hold out or is it better to give up while they are ahead?