If there's one thing you can say about the lads from The Only Way Is Essex, it's that they certainly don't hold back when it comes to the ladies. Joey Essex and Mario Falcone certainly didn't make any exceptions to that rule when they oiled themselves up recently for More magazine.

In fact, they pretty much bared their, errr, souls, and just about everything else, in a garage shoot. Sharing far more information than we ever needed to hear, Joey told the world that he thinks about the deed "roughly four times a day", especially when he's talking with his missus. We're sure Sam Faiers really appreciated  him sharing that... Actually, knowing the TOWIE girls, she might have.

Mario Falcone was equally charming, telling the world his girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh sounds like a fox when she's in the sack. "To me it's the most beautiful sound in the world", he said. Not as beautiful as the sound of a door slamming in your face, love.

For more from these, errr, very models of a modern gentleman *cough*, and eh... 'lessons' in how to treat a lady in the 21st Century, tune in to the new series of TOWIE, every Wednesday and Sunday at 10pm on ITV2. Well, we don't exactly watch it for their wisdom now do we? I think I used to have a pair of boots like those somewhere...