TV shows are getting rebooted in their droves these days so naturally anytime anyone from the hugely successful 'US Office' is on a chat show, they get asked if it's happening.

This time around it was a little different as it was one of their own doing the asking, with Ellie Kemper guest hosting 'Ellen' this week. The 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' star joined the hit show in its fifth season as Kelly Erin Hannon.

Kemper had fellow 'Office' co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey join her on 'Ellen' where they chatted about how the show is as popular as ever thanks to Netflix with Billie Eilish asking Angela for selfie and Jenna sometimes being told she looks like "an older Pam".

When Ellie asked them about the possibility of ever returning to 'The Office', Jenna said she would not be up for a reboot but would happily do a reunion episode. Although both Ellie and Angela were happy to bring the show back saying they would do "anything" 'Office'-related if they were asked.

Jenna and Angela, who are real-life besties, have recently started a podcast called 'Office Ladies'. Each week, they rewatch an episode and share memories and behind-the-scenes stories from filming.