It's been shown in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand the Middle East and Asia, and now RTE's Love/Hate is set to make the biggest jump of them all: They're only going to go and show it on the telly in the UK. Finally.

The Irish Indepdendent reports that a deal to show the series has been signed between RTE and Channel 5, which is now under the leadership of former TV3 programming boss Ben Frow. The paper says the deal was finalised in the last few days, with Nidge and the gang being sold to the London based channel for an undisclosed amount.

Of course Robert Sheehan fans across the water will be whooping with delight. He amassed quite the UK fan base during his stint on Misfits, so doubtless they'll be tuning in in their droves to have a gawk at his Bambi eyes and that gorgeous blue hoodie we came to know and love/hate.

Between this new deal, and the one they signed with US giant Hulu (which we got rather excited about earlier this year), it won't be long before King Nidge goes global. Here's hoping we'll still see himself, Fran and the boys knocking about on Green Street when they're superstars eh?