Warning: There are spoilers below.

Over the summer Andrew Lincoln and The Walking Dead producers confirmed that the ninth season would be the actors last on the show. And since the season began several weeks ago, fans have been wondering exactly when and how his character Rick Grimes would depart.

If you’d like to know the answer to those two questions, then read on. But if not, beware that there are spoilers below.

It has now been confirmed in a new trailer released via We Got This Covered that Andrew Lincoln will leave the show this week during episode 5 of the new series which is titled ‘What Comes After’.

The footage shows Rick being impaled on a metal spike as a herd of zombies approach him. We then see flashbacks to some of his more memorable moments on the show. His departure is alluded to in episode 4 when he begins to say his goodbye messages for characters like Eugene Porter, Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon.

Watch the clip below: