Well she's no Nicole Kidman. Poor old Kimberley Walsh, the nerves were clearly eating away at her when she took to the stage at London's 02 last night for her first ever solo performance. Hold up, wasn't the girl in a musical? Surely that qualifies? Where's Louis Walsh's X Factor rule book when you need it?

Anyway, Ms Walsh was a little less than captivating when she belted out 'One Day I'll Fly Away' at last night's National Television Awards. She may have picked up a gong for Strictly Come Dancing but her singing wouldn't exactly get a ten from Len if you know what I mean.

Maybe she was taking a leaf out of her old pal Cheryl's book? In fairness to Kimbo, she wasn't half as bad as Cheryl Cole at that Jubilee gig last year. Still, the sooner Nadine's back to drown em all out the better eh?