Oh Dermot, anyone could have had a major gaffe on live television but last night it had to be you didn't it?

Nothing could have quite prepared us for the sight of the usually composed presenter managing to snot himself after a flawless foxtrot with Strictly Come Dancing's Prima Ballerina, Darcey Bussell. And it was all going so well Dermo, your reputation as ITV's fave footloose freestylin' fella was totally secure. Even if some of those X Factor entrances were a tad dodge.

The audience got a right laugh out of the whole affair, as did Dermo's old X Factor pal Olly Murs. "Hey @radioleary next time you do a trip can you send me a postcard!! Hahahaha I'm not the only one now yeahhhhhhhhh love ya man" the Xtra Factor host tweeted, clearly alluding to that video they never stopped playing during last year's series of Olly's stage slip.

Wonder if it's a sign? The X Factor falling at the feet of the Beeb's twinkled toed ratings topper? Writing's on the wall lads, and y'know what that means.. It's time to start planning those 2014 auditions.