There's nothing like a great TV show to get the whole nation talking around the water cooler - or it's the kettle really on this side of the pond. And there have been some heart racing, jaw-dropping moments of Irish telly over the last twelve months, mainly provided by one Nidge and Fran, but Croagh Park certainly gave us a few too.

RTE have released their list of the top ten Irish shows of 2014, and unsurprisingly, Love/Hate takes up most of it. However, it didn't manage to surpass the great Irish institution that is The Late Late Toy Show, which an incredible 1.357million of us watched this year.

Mad, 'ey? Ryan Tubridy and a load of toys beats King Nidge and his gangland chums. Don't know what we are saying though, we did absolutely love the Toy Show this year, sorry Nidge.

Top 10 Irish Shows in 2014

1. The Late Late Toy Show (RTE One) - 1.357m

2.  Love/Hate finale (RTE One) - 1.005m

3. Love/Hate Oct 5, season 5 debut (RTE One) - 979,000

4. Love/Hate Nov 2, Siobhan meets Pauly's uncle (RTE One) - 962,000

5. Love/Hate Oct 19, Fran is inside but not for long (RTE One) - 880,000

6. RBS Six Nations, March 15, Ireland's championship win (RTE 2) - 878,000

7. 2014 FIFA World Cup Final, Germany Vs Argentina, July 13 (RTE 2) - 858,000

8. Love/Hate Oct 12, Nidge is back with Pauly's help (RTE One) - 852,000

9. The Sunday Game Live GAA Football Final, Sept 21 (RTE 2) - 826,000

10. The Sunday Game Live GAA Hurling Final, Sept 7 (RTE One) - 784,000