Fans of The Mindy Project were left disappointed in May when the show was cancelled by Fox after just three seasons, thankfully though, we live in an age where streaming services can commission TV shows and it wasn't long before the show was picked up by Hulu.

It seems it's planning on kicking things off with a bang too, as the lovely Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been cast in the opening episode of season one, playing Mindy's husband. Don't worry though, she hasn't split with Danny, the episode is based on the 1998 movie Sliding Doors which will see Mindy in an alternative-reality married to Matt (Gordon-Levitt), who is a suave reality show producer for Bravo.

Gordon-Levitt is just one of many stars who appeared in Mindy Kaling's show since it began, including James Franco, Seth Rogen, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers.

Seriously, what were they at cancelling it?

The fourth season kicks off on Hulu later in the year.

Via Buzzfeed