We assume we don't need to tell you that there are spoilers here but if you haven't seen Home and Away this past week or so, and are planning on watching it, look away now.

For the rest of us, how are you holding up? Are you okay?? Casey Braxton is no longer with us, and even though we kind of knew it was coming, it still feels like... well, like our favourite Braxton has died.

In fairness, the dude had survived a stabbing, alcohol poisoning, a car accident that paralysed him temporarily, and a kidnapping at the hands of his own half-brother who turned out not to even be his half-brother..... surely he could have survived ONE measly gun shot wound?

We can only hope actor Lincoln Younes manages to pull a Chris Hemsworth on it and goes on to wow the world as some kind of Marvel super hero. Until then though, let's have a look at the big romances of young Casey Braxton since he first rolled up to the bay with his band of River boys back in 2011.

First up was Ruby, who initially only got with Casey to make her boyfriend at the time (Romeo) jealous but the pair went on to have quite the romance, much to Ruby's mother Charlie's disapproval as he was one of the bowld River Boys. Although that was before she ended up falling for one of those damn charmers herself....

Next up - The one with the school teacher. As is almost obligatory, there was a brief affair with school teacher Henri Brown who was tutoring Casey for a while there. She also happened to be an ex of his brother Heath's, yep, it sure does get pretty incestuous in small town Summer Bay.

Then there came Sasha, who was only mad about young Casey but seemed to get messed around with him at every turn. Oh how she loved him so, but poor Casey was too messed up to love anybody back then, well until our next lady rocked up...

And then came Tamara, the girl who managed to come between two Braxton brothers. She met Casey when he was kidnapped by Kyle and ended up saving him pretty much. He thought she was just a mirage at first but nope, she was real and later turned up at the bay and they fell in love. N'aww.

However all was not meant to be as she soon lost her memory following her kidnapping (commonplace in Summer Bay) and ended up forgetting she was mad about Casey and fell for his brother Kyle (who as it turns out is not his bro as we said, and is also the same dude who kidnapped him).

After Casey became.... em paralysed (hey it happens) in a car accident, Tamara and Casey end up falling for each other all over again, but he dumps her because he feels that something isn't right. (Probably the falling for his not-half brother thing). However, Casey does later help her when she is hit by a car and her eyesight is affected due to a bleed in her brain (yes, A BLEED IN HER BRAIN, PEOPLE) and sends her on her way from Summer Bay to get the help she needs to you know, see again and stuff.

Phew! Tamara was a big one. Next up though was his English Rose as Casey tagged along to London with his brothers Brax and Heath to win back their ladies, Ricky and Bianca. He managed to find a bit of romance himself with a girl called Linda Somerset, who was so English she was even named after a place in England.

That was pretty short lived though as soon Casey was to meet Denny, the ACTUAL love of his life. Denny and him started off as friends as she was going out with some other fella but soon their feelings for each other were too difficult to hide and your man was out and Casey was in. These two really were the picture of love's young dream, we really don't know what poor Denny will do without him now...

And as for Brax... sigh... your heart would break for him, wouldn't it?