We've got to admit, the very idea of a Lethal Weapon TV series is just hateful to us.

There is no way anyone can top the perfection that was Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 2. The third and fourth, not so much, but that's besides the point. There's just no way you can possibly top the witty interplay between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover or Richard Donner's pitch-perfect direction and sense of comedy timing.

Anyway, ranting over. The ill-advised TV series has already made a few castings, with Jordana Brewster and Mad Men alum Kevin Rahm signed on for various roles. However, the casting of Martin Riggs has remained an unknown - until now, that is.

Fans of 24 may recognise Clayne Crawford as Kevin Wade, one of the CTU agents in Season 8 of the show. He's our Martin Riggs now.

We're guessing Dennis Reynolds wasn't available. Damn shame, really.