Considering the whole country is on lock down with the airports closed, no public transport and travel of any kind advised to be avoided, we have been pretty curious about just how in the hell The Late Late Show plan on pulling off a live two-hour show tonight.

Pull it off is exactly what they intend to do however, and Ryan and his team have made their way to the studio despite snowmageddon.

There will even, somehow, be an audience too and while there were rumours that if you lived nearby you could just rock up, that is not the case.

While no official lineup is being released, Ryan posted a video to Facebook this evening confirming that the show will go on saying: "We will be having fun tonight."

He added: "We will be doing lots of stories from around the country, with people coming in to tell us their story.

"We will talk to people about the situation, the relevant minister and Evelyn Cusack will be joining us to talk about all the eventualities to expect tonight and throughout the country over the next few days."

Ryan also confirmed that Dancing with the Star's Deirdre O'Kane will be in studio for a chat, as well as rising country music star Cliona Hagan.

Ryan confirmed that it won't be a shorter show saying: "The show will go on, and it will go on and on, as The Late Late Show often does!"

Yeah, basically Ryan is winging it. You won't want to miss this.