It's finally happening - video games are now becoming the next hot thing for studios to adapt, and it's already getting into prestige television.

THR reports that HBO has now lined up 'Chernobyl' writer Craig Mazin to develop a series based on 'The Last of Us', with Naughty Dog chief Neil Druckmann involved in the development of the series. Naturally, it's early days yet so no casting announcement for Ellie and Joel, but you've got to imagine that every bearded middle-aged male actor is beating a path to his agent's office.

'The Last of Us', in a lot of ways, takes some of its cues from the likes of 'The Walking Dead' and Matt Reeves' 'Planet of the Apes' movies, so it's not hard to see how HBO managed to line this up. Not only that, the game itself is that engrossing and beautifully written that it feels like a rich HBO series to begin with.

Per THR's report, the series will adapt the first game and potentially take some cues from the upcoming sequel, out in late May of this year.

Right now, no air date has been set and as previously mentioned, it's early days yet - but expect a lot of buzz and hype around this. Just to give you an idea of what to expect, here's the trailer from 'The Last of Us, Part II'.