As the countdown continues to the release of 'The Last Of Us Part II', the TV adaptation is gathering steam and has already lined up its director - Johan Renck.

If that name looks familiar, it should. Johan Renck is a veteran TV director, working on the likes of 'Breaking Bad', 'Bates Motel' and 'The Walking Dead', but more recently, he directed all five episodes of HBO's award-winning miniseries, 'Chernobyl'.

In fact, 'The Last Of Us' is something of a mini-reunion as Renck is also reteaming with Craig Maizin, who wrote 'Chernobyl' and is co-writing the adaptation with Neil Druckmann, the original game's writer. While there's no word yet on casting, it seems all but certain that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson - who voiced and mo-capped Joel and Ellie respectively - won't be reprising their roles.

For one, Ashley Johnson is actually 37 while Troy Baker looks absolutely nothing like Joel in the game, so trying to get either one of them into the live-action version is going to be tricky unless it's either in another role or as some kind of cameo. It's entirely possible as well that the TV adaptation may simply be a brand-new story with no relation to the two characters whatsoever, in which case they can cast whomever they want.

No air date has been set for the TV series as of yet, however 'The Last Of Us Part II' goes on sale from June 19th.