It was one of our absolute favourite shows of childhood, perhaps ever, and now that iconic face of Kevin Arnold is returning to our screens once more.

Actor Fred Savage will take on his first TV series role in almost a decade according to Deadline, as he has signed on to co-star in Fox's new comedy pilot The Grinder, alongside Rob Lowe.

In case you were worried that Fred Savage has spent the last decade or so wallowing in a post-childhood fame hole, the actor has actually been forging a second career for himself behind the camera as a director/producer and has worked on the likes of Modern Family, Two Broke Girls and Garfunkel And Oates.

The pilot will see Rob Lowe star as a beloved TV lawyer called Dean Sanderson who sees his long running series come to an end and finds himself back in his hometown determined to take over his family's law firm, although his brother may have something to say about that, which is wear Savage comes in playing the role of Stewart Sanderson.

Deadline describe Stewart as "a hard-working attorney and family man who feels very much in the shadow of his younger brother, Dean, a huge television star whose courtroom procedural show has just ended. When Dean comes back to his home town looking for a new direction in life, everyone is dazzled by his charm and celebrity — everyone except Stewart."

Sounds like it could make for a pretty decent series, maybe they'll even throw in a wise, older voice to let us know what's going on in Fred Savage's head?? That'd be nice.