As reliable as the shortening days in winter and Mariah Carey's November 1st transformation into Queen of Christmas, British retailer John Lewis has released their Christmas ad to give you a strong punch in the emotional gut.

Having previously featured everything from adorable children and bouncing boxer dogs to animated bears and fuzzy monsters, John Lewis has changed tack this year by going down the plain old human route. And considering everything going on in 2022, who can blame them.

Titled 'The Beginner', this year's ad features a middle-aged man learning to skateboard in time for... well, we won't spoil it but let's just say it goes where you think it will, but also has a nice twist to really make you feel your feelings.

And in case you think they've skipped out on the nostalgia, fear not - the advert is set to a version of Blink 182’s hit 'All the Small Things' by US singer Mike Geier (who rose to internet fame with appearances with Postmodern Jukebox on YouTube and on 'America's Got Talent' as Puddles Pity Party the clown).

This year, John Lewis partnered with Action for Children and Who Cares? Scotland as part of their Christmas ad campaign "to create a happier future for young people from care."

We think this tweet sums it up.

Watch below.