It's that time of the year again when Christmas adverts are arriving on the telly. Last week we had the Lidl ad, which meant the return of Kevin the Carrot. Now John Lewis offers their seasonal short.

The John Lewis Christmas ads are among the mostly highly anticipated of the holidays.

In recent years, there was the animated 'Bear and the Hare' one to which Lily Allen crooned 'Somewhere Only We Know' in the background. Another favourite has been the 2014 one featuring Monty the Penguin. Last year's tracked the life and career of Elton John from boyhood to adulthood ('Rocketman' much?).

Now there's another CGI-animated character we can adore and coo over. His name is Edgar, he's a dragon and he's very excitable.

In the background, Dan Smith from Bastille performs a cover of REO Speedwagon's 'Can't Fight This Feeling'.

Check it out.