If something doesn't work, you know what you do, turn it off and turn it back on again.

The IT Crowd is still one of our favourite sitcoms and was comedy gold pretty much all of the time. It was created by one of our own too, Father Ted writer Graham Linehan, while it starred Chris O'Dowd, Richard Ayoade and Katherine Parkinson.

Given the success of the adaptions of other UK comedies in America, it was natural they would try to recreate the magic the other side of the pond.

NBC picked it up originally in 2007, with a pilot seeing Richard Ayoade reprise his role of Moss, alongside Joel McHale in place of Chris O’Dowd’s Roy.

Yeah, weird.

They tried again in 2014, but nothing took.

However, it looks like it could be third time's a charm for the US network as now they have made the smart move of getting Linehan himself on board.

Variety has reported that Linehan will write and executive produce the re-imagining alongside Patrick Daly, Jon Rolph and Universal Television.

Linehan confirmed the news today on Twitter but gave the stipulation that fans should not expect an exact remake.


We can do that.