Ireland's national sport, the hurling, got a brief shout-out on last night's episode of 'Bob's Burgers'.

The episode saw Sharon Horgan's guest character, Kathleen, introduce Teddy the handyman to hurling. Teddy initially thinks the sport is "grass hockey, people polo" before Horgan describes it as "if hockey, soccer and baseball had a baby" with hurling being the end result.

The hurling plays in the background right through the episode, with Tina and Louise later joining Kathleen for cold pasta while watching the hurling. Most people usually have a fry up of some kind, but whatever, it's an animated TV show.

Judging by the colours of the team on the television, our guess is that it's Cork versus Tipperary or maybe Laois. Cork did play Tipperary last year around May, which would put it roughly around the time when the episode was being animated. Are we reading too much into this for a passing glance at our national sport in an animated TV show?

Sort of odd, however, that Sharon Horgan's discussing hurling when she's clearly into rugby. After all, her brother is former Irish rugby international Shane Horgan and her brother is Second Captains' Mark Horgan.