There has been many an absolute cracker of a storyline down the years on the soaps, some that have had the whole country talking and others that have had us glued to the telly waiting to see how they would play out.

Well now the number one storyline of them all has been revealed, as voted by soap fans in a survey for, and it's certainly a good'un.

It's EastEnders who has clinched it for their Kat/Zoe storyline in 2001 which culminated in that now iconic scene of Zoe screaming; "You ain't my mother" to which Kat replied 'Yes, I am!' (We're not doing it justice.)

For those of us that had waited months upon months for this revelation, it was one hell of a satisfying moment and definitely our favourite 'doof doof' to date.

Relive it below...

Coming in at number two was of course serial killer Richard Hillman in Coronation Street, followed by Hayley Cropper's cancer and subsequent death last year in at number three.

John Sewell, spokesman for paid survey site which commissioned the research, said: "The Kat and Zoe storyline is something most people are familiar with, even if they aren't an avid EastEnders fan.

"It had everything a great soap storyline needs - a blazing row, some tears and a huge shock just as the episode comes to a close.

"There have been many brilliant and gripping storylines over the years - whether they are tearjerkers like the moment Hayley died in Coronation Street or high drama like the live tram crash.

"Soaps are a huge part of our culture and these results show the storylines are remembered years after they are first screened."

Other storylines that feature on the list are Dirty Den getting shot in 1989 (no.4) and the 2001 Coronation Street tram crash at number five.

While the most recent 'Who Killed Lucy Beale?' story came in at number seven, with other mentions on the list including 'Who Shot Phil' in EastEnders, Tyrone's domestic abuse storyline in Corrie and the Emmerdale plane crash back in 1993.

Have a look at the Top 50 below; 

Top 50 soap storylines of all time

1. Kat Slater revealing she was Zoe Slater's mum, not her sister – EastEnders 2001

2. Richard Hillman driving The Platts into a canal - Coronation Street 2003

3. Hayley’s cancer battle and death – Coronation Street 2014

4. Dirty Den getting shot – EastEnders 1989

5. The tram crash - Coronation Street 2010

6. Dirty Den hands over divorce papers to Angie- EastEnders 1986

7. Who shot Lucy Beale – EastEnders 2014/5

8. Little Mo's domestic abuse – EastEnders 2001

9. Scott and Charlene getting married – Neighbours 1988

10. Deirdre being jailed for fraud ‘Free the Weatherfield One’ - Coronation Street 1998

11. Who shot Phil – EastEnders 2000/2001

12. Tyrone’s domestic abuse – Coronation Street – 2012

13. Michelle Fowler having Dirty Den’s baby – EastEnders 1985

14. Mike Baldwin dying on the cobbles – Coronation Street 2006

15. Trevor Jordache killed and buried under the patio – Brookside 1993

16. The plane crash – Emmerdale 1993

17. Janine killing Barry – EastEnders 2004

18. Max and Stacy’s Affair – EastEnders 2007

19. The love triangle between Phil, Grant and Sharon and The Tape – EastEnders 1994

20. Ronnie swapping her baby with Kat's- EastEnders 2010/2011

21. Who killed Tina McIntyre - Coronation Street 2014

22. Harold Bishop returning after his death with Amnesia – Neighbours 2011

23. Charlie Stubbs being murdered by Tracy Barlow - Coronation Street 2007

24. Tiffany is run over and killed by Frank - EastEnders 1998

25. The minibus crash – Coronation Street 2014

26. Sarah Lou's teen pregnancy - Coronation Street 2003

27. Sonia gives birth not knowing she's pregnant - EastEnders 2000

28. Cindy hires a hit man to kill husband Ian - EastEnders 1996

29. Den is murdered by Chrissie in the Queen Vic – EastEnders 2005

30. Tom King killed by his son Carl – Emmerdale 2006

31. Dean raping Linda – EastEnders 2014

32. Who killed Archie – EastEnders 2009/2010

33. Steve murders Saskia with an ashtray - EastEnders 1999

34. Katie dying – Emmerdale 2015

35. Beth and Margaret's lesbian kiss - Brookside 1994

36. Kathy Beale coming back from the dead – EastEnders 2015

37. Nick tries to kill Dot - EastEnders 1990

38. Kat and Alfie's wedding – EastEnders 2003

39. Dennis Rickman stabbed on New Year's Eve – EastEnders 2005

40. The return of Nick Cotton – EastEnders 2014

41. Phil Mitchell becoming a drug addict – EastEnders 2010

42. Stella abusing Ben Mitchell – EastEnders 2010

43. Jackson Walsh's assisted suicide – Emmerdale 2011

44. Nick Cotton’s death and Dot Cotton going to prison – EastEnders 2015

45. Paedophile Tony abusing Whitney - EastEnders 2009

46. Katie’s Affair with Robert after marrying his brother Andy – Emmerdale 2001

47. Kim Tate's faked death – Emmerdale 1997

48. Pauline Fowlers death – EastEnders 2006

49. Nat and Georgia's incest – Brookside 1996

50. Alfie setting fire to the house in an insurance scam – EastEnders 2014