We may have said 2016 was the year of the celebrity death but it was 2014 that dealt one of the most heartbreaking. On August 11th of that year news emerged that beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams had taken his own life.

Williams was 63-years-old when he died and left behind a wife, three children, many close friends and a world of adoring fans.

There has yet to be a documentary to really do him justice but HBO have one on the way that may just come close.

Called 'Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind', it looks back at the life and work of the legendary star, featuring footage of his stand-up performances as well as interviews with his family and friends, including famous faces like Steve Martin, Billy Crystal and Monty Python's Eric Idle.

Watch the trailer below:

'Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind' is set to premiere in the US on July 16 on HBO and hopefully not too long after that on Sky Atlantic.