The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air provided comedy gold over the years and there are many scenes that could be said to be the funniest, however you'd have a tough job trying to convince us that Carlton's freak out at the end of season five's 'Will's Misery' episode wasn't the most entertaining moment in the sitcom.

If you need a reminder, it involved Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) and Will's date Lisa (Nia Long) combining forces to prank Will, but the Fresh Prince soon got his own back and told Carlton that the joke had backfired and he accidentally killed Lisa.

And well, Carlton's reaction was memorable, to say the least:

Alfonso Ribeiro explained to Digital Spy how that unplanned scene came about: "We were just clowning and being silly that day – which was kind of often we did that. I told the director, "Hey, just have the camera stay on me. I will go and do some funny funny.'

"We did that a lot of times for the studio audience. We felt like we were always trying to put on a show for the audience that came and watched the show, live and in person. So we did things like that all the time."

Alfonso didn't realise that they would use the footage in the final cut either, saying: "I was like, 'Yo, you all used it?' and they were like, 'Yeah, it was funny!' I'm like, 'We do funny stuff all the time and you never use it, but alright, cool!'."

Thank the TV gods they did. Now let's watch that amazing floor drag one more time...