There are rumblings that a Fresh Princess of Bel-Air could be on the cards.

TMZ reports that the company which owns the rights to Fresh Prince have filed a few trademark applications in an attempt to secure rights to "Fresh Princess" for not just a television program but also across virtually every other media platform.

The company is also seeking to trademark the Fresh Princess on merchandise such as bags, backpacks, clothing, footwear and even animal collars.

It sounds like the rumblings of a female-led reboot but it remains very much in the rumorville for now, with no other details having emerged, including no word on whether Will Smith would be involved.

Will Smith did tease a cartoon version of the beloved 90s TV series back in January, around the same time that 'Fresh Prince' toys were in the pipeline. He shared a cartoon version of the characters via Instagram tagging the post “Never thought about FP in terms of animation.”


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