The TV versions of The Flash and Supergirl will be teaming up for a two-part crossover musical episode, set to air in 2017.

There is plenty of musical talent amongst the cast of the shows. Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin, who play the titular leads, both appeared on Glee, while Jesse L. Martin, who plays Joe West on The Flash, starred in Tony Award winning musical Rent.

The characters will be singing pre-existing songs, and there will possibly be an original musical number. 

It will be interesting to see how they integrate the musical numbers into the worlds of the show. It's something that worked well on Buffy, but can be a difficult thing to manage.

Both shows air on US network The CW, which is also home DC shows Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. They'll be involved in a four part cross episode this December, which is separate to the musical extravaganza.