Although its first season wasn't up to much (for us, at least), the second season of Westworld looks like a good deal of changes have been implemented.

The first reactions and reviews from US outlets are now online and the report seems to be mixed, if broadly positive. THR says that "the new season's first five episodes grow exponentially in appeal," but adds that the second season "still isn't likely to convince those who were on the fence for season one to jump on the bandwagon."

Uproxx, meanwhile, also that while Westworld was "still not a great show... it’s a much more enjoyable one to watch this time around," and added that it's "evolved and gotten better at its chosen tasks." Vulture was also positive about the second season, arguing that it "doubles down on the show’s meta tendencies," whilst Collider rated it four out of five and compared it with Game Of Thrones, arguing that "the series is at its best when episodes focus on just one or two narratives for its vastly spread-out cast, and even better when it investigates different character pairings."

Westworld's second season debuts on Sky Atlantic from Monday, April 23rd.