You can deny it all you want, ignore it or ridicule it, but there's a good chance you're either going to end up watching this year's Celebrity Big Brother or you're going to have to know enough about to be able to keep up with conversations.

As it goes, this year's CBB will feature an all-female panel of loosely-termed celebrities, with the first contestant being confirmed as Rachel Johnson. Any ideas who she is? No? Didn't think so, to be honest.

Rachel Johnson is a British journalist who previously wrote for the Sunday Telegraph, Evening Standard and was the first female graduate trainee at the Financial Times. She's also a columnist for the Mail On Sunday and is a contributing editor to the Spectator. She's also known for the fact that she's the sister of British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, and left the Tories when they supported Brexit.

In her Mail On Sunday column from today, Johnson explained that she "never sat down and watched CBB in the way my children religiously binge-watch it, but when Channel 5 came calling, I didn’t delete the annual email asking me to be on. It was because this one said that the new series was all about female empowerment and 100 years since women got the vote."

CBB kicks on January 2nd, at 9PM.