Geoblocking has become the norm, even across European countries, but it seems that the EU might be looking to put a stop to that practice soon enough. 

European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager might not be a name that Netflix users around Europe are too familiar with, but thanks to her recent focus on the issue of geoblocking, she may be about to get a lot more popular. 

Vestager wants the EU to take a look at the practice of restricting access to certain online streaming services in different countries across Europe, which has meant that Netflix is still not available in many countries and the EU, as well as the BBC iPlayer not working for those outside the UK and the RTE player not working when you're outside Ireland.

The motivation behind it seems to be her love for the show Borgen, or at least other solid Danish TV shows, as she stated that "I, for one, cannot understand why I can watch my favourite Danish channels on my tablet in Copenhagen, a service I paid for, but I can’t when I am in Brussels". 

The service providers themselves generally aren't the ones who want the restrictions, rather it's the TV studios and companies who want to maximise revenue and negotiate rights to screen shows on a country-by-country basis, but Vestager thinks that a formal competition inquiry should look into the practice to see if it contravenes any EU regulations.