If you haven't yet watched 'The Deuce', you are absolutely missing out one of the best TV series that HBO has ever produced.

Written and executive-produced by David Simon - who did 'The Wire' - and starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, the series has followed the rise of the porn industry in '70s America, and how New York's Times Square district changed from being a haven for sex workers to the tourist trap it's known as today.

While the first and second season took in the early days of porn through to its rise and mainstream acceptance in the '70s, the third and final season shifts forward into the '80s where video cassettes brought about the mass proliferation of porn - just like 'Boogie Nights', Paul Thomas Anderson's swirling saga of sex in the '70s.

The third and final season of 'The Deuce' was announced for September 9th, with an expected eight episodes wrapping up the series once and for all.