After a campaign online looking to raise money to bring the iconic TV show back to life hit its target, The Crystal Maze is returning, but perhaps not as you know it. 

In just nine days, the Indiegogo page set up to raise money for the new version of The Crystal Maze has hit its target of £500,000 to bring the legendary show into our lives once more, but with a difference. 

Rather than hitting our TV screens, it will be a live immersive experience in London that lets everyone get in on the action, and as we reported a few weeks back, the show has already set up its own Instagram page giving a bit of an idea as to what the course itself will look like. 

While it won't be back on our TV screens, there is the possibility that you can tackle the course yourself which was, in fairness, all we dreamed of growing up. 

The other good news is that Richard O'Brien will be coming back, and while there's no host since this isn't on TV, he'll still have a role to play. Tom Lionetti-Maguire of Little Lion Entertainment explained that "Richard won’t be running around the maze himself, but he will be welcoming guests in time honoured fashion… to find out how, you’ll just have to come along and see!".

He added that "no expense will be spared" in building a set that is as true to the original as possible, and you'll be cheered on by an audience of people as you navigate your way around the challenging maze in all its glory. 

You can still get tickets and donate to the cause on the Indiegogo page or if you've got a spare £10,000 (€14,033), you can rent out the whole maze for the entire day for you and as many mates as health and safety regulations would allow.

Well, we're off to book our flights anyway.