The two-part documentary will examine how the US pharmaceutical industry operates, and who profits the most from prescription medicine.

HBO has released 'The Crime of the Century' trailer, which is a provocative new two-part documentary from the TV production company.

Alex Gibney is the writer and creator of this two-parter, which will expose the billions of dollars gained and thousands of lives lost due to the opioid crisis. Gibney previously acted as executive producer on Netflix's 'How to Fix a Drug Scandal'.

With many conspiracy theories surrounding the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Big Pharma, big secrets are expected to be revealed throughout the documentary. The words "unethical" and 'illegal" are used throughout the trailer which you can see below.

The series will air over in the States on HBO Max on May 10, with an Irish release date on Sky Documentaries and NOW also next month. The exact date of air here is still to be confirmed.

Here's the trailer for the two-part documentary, which is a joint collaboration between HBO and The Washington Post.

'The Crime of the Century' will arrive on Sky and NOW this May.