It's widely considered to be one of the most ambiguous endings in television history, so it makes sense that any continuation of The Sopranos would have to take place after.

David Chase, the creator / showrunner behind the cultural phenomenon, spoke recently in an interview about - what else, of course - The Sopranos and the possibility of Tony, Carmella and whatever's left of the gang returning to our screens.

Needless to say, he wasn't optimistic about it, but he did mention a few tidbits we hadn't heard before. "I’ve had conversations with some movie studios that want to do it as a film. So far I’ve rejected the idea but I certainly wouldn’t do it as a television show. I’m always disinclined to say, “No I’ll never do it.” But I think I’ll never do it."

"I’m disinclined to say that because I don’t want my thinking to be constrained. I’ve said it from the beginning: If I had a really good idea and I thought it could be really entertaining and it wouldn’t upset what was done I might do it."

There you have it; probably the faintest glimmer of hope you're ever likely to see. For his part, David Chase doesn't really need to work anymore. The Sopranos continues to be top all sorts of critics' lists of the best television series, it still re-runs on Sky Atlantic and HBO and the huge amount of DVDs it sold down through the years is more than enough.

As we know as well, there's no way we'll see Tony Soprano on our screens again as the sad passing of James Gandolfini made that impossible. There was talk during the initial run that a spinoff series about Johnny Sacrimoni / Johnny Sack would carry on the show, but as we know, Johnny Sack died in prison.

We had all The Sopranos' series on DVD. Still do, in fact.


Via Deadline