Although it went off the deep-end around Season 7 and then managed to stumble on for two more seasons, Scrubs was still one of the best sitcoms of the past twenty years.

Its mix of both irreverent, goofball humour and moments of real drama managed to shake up the TV world enough and, of course, kept hospital dramas firmly in the zeitgeist for another few years. Featuring a cast of relative unknowns, in the space of a couple of years, Turk, JD and Dr. Cox all became household names.

Here's where that they've been up to since they all left Sacred Heart.



Since finishing up on Scrubs, Zach Braff's attempted to forge a career for himself as a director. How's it gone? Not great, to be totally honest. Although Garden State was received warmly, his follow-up film - Wish I Was Here - was at the centre of a controversy surrounding Kickstarter films. Long story short, he's doing OK. He recently turned up on Inside Amy Schumer and he'll be starring in James Franco's period drama, In Dubious Battle, alongside... uh.. Selena Gomez.



Donald Faison already had a pretty decent career before he landed Scrubs and, sure enough, he's done well afterwards. As well as turning up on House Of Lies with Don Cheadle, Faison's also lent his voice to the excellent Adult Swim series, Robot Chicken, in a variety of roles.



Although Bob Kelso retired in Scrubs from running Sacred Heart, Ken Jenkins didn't and he's still going strong. Like a lot of Scrubs cast members, he took a role on Cougar Town and also turned up on cult animated series Gravity Falls. He's also due to star in All The Way, the new HBO film about Lyndon B. Johnson.





Dr. Cox, for us, was often  the best reason to watch Scrubs. His put-downs were legendary, his attitude was superb, he was just the best. Since Scrubs, McGinley has worked as consistently as he did before it. He turned up in another Bill Lawrence comedy, Ground Floor, which had two seasons before it was cancelled. Most recently, McGinley had a supporting role in Get A Job alongside Miles Teller and Anna Kendrick. 




As the preppy, high-strung 'blonde doctor', Sarah Chalke made a name for herself on Scrubs. Since then, she starred in the one-season comedy How To Live With Your Parents and is also a regular on Rick And Morty as Beth. She also starred very recently in Mother's Day, but we're trying really hard to forget that film ever happened.




Like her on-screen husband, Judy Reyes had a fairly well established career before she joined Scrubs; having starred in The Sopranos, NYPD Blue and Oz. Since Scrubs, Judy Reyes has joined Marc Cherry's follow-up to Desperate Housewives, the aptly titled Devious Maids - where she plays a maid. Hey, titular character work is good. 


NEIL FLYNN - Janitor

Before we go any further, let's clear something up once and for all - yes, the Janitor did reveal his name before the series ended. His name was Glenn Matthews. There, done. So, what's Neil Flynn been up to since Scrubs? Mostly The Middle, a long-running sitcom in which Flynn plays the father of a dysfunctional family.


SAM LLOYD - Ted Buckland

Random trivia alert! Did you know Sam Lloyd is the nephew of Christopher Lloyd? Now that we've said it, you can't not recognise that they look quite similar. Since Scrubs, Sweaty Teddy has turned up in a few guest starring roles, including Modern Family, Cougar Town (where he reprised his character of Ted Buckland) and the US version of Shameless. He also toured pretty extensively with his band from Scrubs too!




Although we knew her as Dr. Cox's ex-wife, Christa Miller was also the wife of Bill Lawrence, the showrunner behind Scrubs. Miller departed for Cougar Town shortly after Scrubs wrapped, joining the main cast and staying with it until its end last year.