The cast of 'Parks and Recreation' just treated us to a kick-ass reunion.

The Los Angeles Paley Centre yesterday held its annual Parley Festival, which celebrates television, radio and emerging communications platforms. And this year's festival was over-run with people from Pawnee.

That's right, the cast of 'Parks and Recreation' were in town. All of the actors appeared on stage to answer questions, and everyone was there - even Ann (Rashida Jones) and Chris (Rob Lowe).

There was glitz and glam.


But before they took to stage, the cast members have a brief chat on the red carpet, which dove straight into questions about a potential reboot/reunion. Amy Poehler spoke about Leslie Knope dealing with Trump would be all kinds of epic, let's be honest. But it's not about to happen... yet.


Aubrey Plaza has "sh*t" she "wants to do" and doesn't have time for a 'Parks and Recreation' just yet.


Jim O'Heir, surprisingly, says that he always loved all of the "Damn it Jerry/Terry/Larry" jokes.


Nick Offerman said if a reunion show were to happen with a unique take on the characters, they'd "all come running."


The actor also offered his favourite Ron Swanson quote from the series. Of course, it involves meat.


When the cast took to the stage, classic Jerry didn't even have a seat.


And Perd Hapley (Jay Jackson) even kicked off proceedings.

Amy Poehler may have shed a tear.


Chris Pratt described Andy and April's relationship to a T.


Creator Michael Schur said that one of the saddest moments of the series was when Ann and Chris left forever.

For a full run-down of everything that happened at Paley Fest, check out the 'Parks and Recreation' Twitter page here.