We forget sometimes that Beverly Hills 90210 was a cultural phenomenon back in the day and, if you want to feel really old, it was first screened on US television TWENTY-FIVE years ago today.

We haven't watched the newer 90210 thing, but we hear it's... Yeah. Anyways, here's what the original (and best) cast have been up to since then.


JENNIE GARTH - Kelly Taylor

As mentioned, some of the original cast members turned up in the revamped 90210 and Jennie Garth was one of them, playing the same role as she did in the original series. She also turned up in Community in a cameo role and starred in a TV show called Mystery Girls. No idea what that's about. Mystery... and girls? Probably. It was cancelled after one season, in fairness.



IAN ZIERING - Steve Sanders

Apparently, Steve Sanders made a fairly decent career after the show with directing TV commercials. We also had no idea that he played Harry Osborn in the cartoon version of Spiderman back in the day. His biggest role of late has been in Sharknado, Sharknado 2: The Second One and the cinematic masterpiece that is Sharkando 3: Oh Hell No. Because a film like Sharknado just begs for three films. Not only that, he's also joined Chippendales. Yes, the male stripper troupe. No, we're not showing you pictures of that.




Remember this guy? He used to run the local radio station in the high school. And then Matthew Perry / Chandler from Friends turned up in one episode and tried to off himself. Anyways, aside from being the former Mr. Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green has turned up in Desperate Housewives and Anger Management with Charlie Sheen. He's also a Country & Western singer. Cool. *cough*


TORI SPELLING - Donna Martin

The daughter of the show's creator, Aaron Spelling, Tori Spelling was... well, not exactly a gifted actress. Spelling turned up in the 90210 remake with Jenny Garth and even had a guest-stint on Smallville. What's she doing now? That Mystery Girls show we were talking about earlier. Right so.



Jason Priestley was in Ireland for JDIFF 2014 with Richard Dreyfuss in support of his directorial debut, Cas & Dylan. What else has been doing since then? He had a comedy TV show called Call Me Fitz that was cancelled after three seasons and he had a guest spot on CSI. He also turned up with Greg Poehler, sister to Amy Poehler, in his comedy series Welcome To Sweden. Which was cancelled in the first season. Oy.



Playing Jason Priestley's character sister, Shannen Doherty went on to star in another 90's TV classic, Charmed. Which we all watched. Admit it. It had The Smiths for a theme tune.




Those glasses. Yikes. Carteris is currently starring in Longmire, that very cool show about a sheriff that ISN'T Justified. Yes, there's currently two TV shows about sheriffs in a modern age. Remember when it used to be just Walker: Texas Ranger? Those were the days. Anybody remember the name of the school paper she used to work for? Answers on a postcard, please.



LUKE PERRY - Dylan McKay

We can't find that clip of his cameo on The Simpsons, but that's his best role. Never mind this crap. Perry's done reasonably well in his career post-90210. He had a recurring role in HBO prison drama Oz, he turned up for a cameo in Community and had a guest spot on Body Of Proof.





It wasn't enough that she starred in Beverly Hills 90210. Oh no. Tiffany Ambier Thiessen was in that OTHER '90s mega-show, Saved By The Bell. She's currently starring on TV's White Collar and was in the short-lived TV drama-comedy What About Brian? with that dude from Seventh Heaven.