It's been a few years now since one of the most zeitgeist-y TV shows of all time came to an end, and whether or not you stuck with it through all six seasons, you can’t help but applaud the show's stubbornness in the face of normal storytelling.

It was weird, this one, but weird on a massive scale, but a massive budget behind it, which is kinda risky. So what has become of those involved?

J.J. ABRAMS (Creator, Producer, Writer, Director)
Things took off in a big way for Abrams after Lost, given the directing gig on Mission: Impossible III, the reboot of Star Trek and the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. In between he wrote and directed Super 8, produced Cloverfield and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, and will be producing both their sequels and Star Trek 3, which he won't be directing because he'll be busy in a universe far, far away. He also helped produce A LOT of TV over the last few years: Person Of Interest, Revolution, Fringe, Alcatraz and Undercovers, not all of which worked out.

DAMON LINDELOF (Creator, Producer, Writer)
Joined Abrams in producing the Star Trek reboot, and co-wrote the script for Into Darkness. He's also written and/or produced the likes of Cowboys & Aliens, Prometheus, World War Z and the upcoming George Clooney sci-fi epic Tomorrowland. He's also garnered a reputation for himself for being someone that producers love because he can help fix things, but audiences mark that the project is in some kind of trouble.

MATTHEW FOX (Jack Shephard)
Supporting parts in the likes of Smokin' Aces, Vantage Point and Speed Racer while Lost was still on the air, and not much better since the show has ended. The lead part in WWII drama Emperor (which nobody saw), the bad guy in Alex Cross (which was one of the worst movies of 2012), and a bit part in World War Z (which had most of his scenes left on the cutting room floor).

JORGE GARCIA (Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes)
He's popped up in some TV shows for one or two episodes - Fringe, Alcatraz, Californication, Hawaii 5-0 - but not much else. He's got a comedy/horror from the writer of Saw and Insidious coming out next year, followed by the movie When We Were Pirates, which sees him co-starring with some of his former Lost alumni.

He played Jodie Foster’s promptly murdered husband in The Brave One and a mad doctor in Grindhouse-flop Planet Terror while Lost was still airing. Since then, he’s played the bad guy in TV series Sinbad, he'll play another bad guy in upcoming TV series Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, but most career damagingly of all, he played the love interest in one of this year's worst movies, Diana.

JOSH HOLLOWAY (James 'Sawyer' Ford)
Not much to report, with the highlight probably being those aftershave adverts. He had a small role in Harrison Ford flop Paranoia, was killed in the first three minutes of Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol, was the lead in terrible dance troupe movie Battle Of The Year, and earned some cool points by popping up in an episode of Community. Next up he’s got a supporting role in next year’s Arnie action heist flick, Sabotage.

Perhaps the most surprising of all the cast not to take off in a major way, Lilly has barely made a dent in her post-Lost CV. She had a teeny tiny part in The Hurt Locker, then was the love interest in robot boxing movie Real Steel. Things should take a turn for the better soon though, as she's currently the kick-ass elf-warrior in The Hobbit sequel The Desolation Of Smaug, and will be back in next year's trilogy closer There And Back Again. And in case you’re wondering if she’s still as beautiful and charming as ever, yes... yes she is!

TERRY O'QUINN (John Locke)
It's been almost purely TV work for O'Quinn, who played the paraplegic (or is he?) oddball from the island. Short-lived horror series 666 Park Avenue, and joining some Lost compadres in Hawaii 5-0, before heading off to a TV show that sounds a LOT like The Departed to us, next year’s Gang Related.

Lost's big bad guy hasn't had an awful lot to do since the show ended, but what he has done has been kinda cool. On top of co-headlining the new Abrams TV show Person Of Interest (which was written by Jonathan 'Brother Of Christopher' Nolan, btw), he’s also now the voice of the Joker, at least in animated form, having played him in The Dark Knight Returns animated movie.

He'd just finished The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy before coming on to Lost, and things haven’t been quite so high for Monaghan since then. A small part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, one of the mysterious bad guys in cancelled-after-one-season Flashforward, and not much else of note.

2004 was a great year for Kim, as he had roles in big TV shows like ER, The Shield, 24, Star Trek: Enterprise and Without A Trace, not to mention movies like Crash and Spiderman 2. Then Lost came along, and ever since he’s been doing voice work for videogames (mostly the Saints Row series) and headlining the reboot of Hawaii 5-0.

EMILIE DE RAVIN (Claire Littleton)
While Lost was on air (remember, Ravin's character disappeared for a LONG time), she appeared in some good movies like Brick, Public Enemies and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. Since then it’s been slim pickings, but she has got one of the lead roles in fairytale revamp show Once Upon A Time, which seems to be doing quite well in the US.