If you tuned in to the 'Love Island' finale or went anywhere near Twitter lately, you'll know that this year's winners were none other than Ekin-Su and Davide. But what you may not know yet is that they won by, like, a lot.

Over the course of the last 8 weeks, 'Love Island' fans have been falling in love with Ekin-de while they were falling in love with each other; corniness, tiramisus, and all.

Online the love for the couple was shared with heart reaction memes and blind praise, so it's no surprise that on Monday night, the pair came out on top winning 50 thousand pounds to split and hopefully spin-off TV shows and brand deals.

In second place were Luca and Gemma, in third place were Indiyah and Dami, while Tasha and Andrew placed fourth. There's been a lot of disagreement and debate about the placing of the couples and now, we've been given the breakdown of the votes. Deep breath.

ITV has released the results and according to the Huffington Post, the breakdown shows that Tasha and Andrew had 10.01% of the vote, Dami and Indiyah had 11.8%, and Gemma and Luca had 14.5%. So that means that a whopping 63.7% voted for Ekin-Su and Davide.

In comparison, last year's winners Millie and Liam secured only 42% of the vote while runners up Chloe and Toby had 31%. So, this year's result is kind of a big deal.

There are so many things that divide 'Love Island' viewers, but this year it's pretty evident that if there's one thing that can unite, like, a lot of people it's Ekin-de. And we think that's beautiful.

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