Far and away, 'The Boys' has been one of Amazon Prime's most successful original TV shows since its launch.

Maybe it's the utterly twisted humour in it, the way it brutally skewers comic-book movies and TV shows like itself, it could be Karl Urban calling everyone the C-word, or it may be all those things put together. Either way, 'The Boys' has been a hit and Amazon apparently wants more of it.

It's been reported by Emre Kaya over at TheCinemaSpot that Amazon has given a third season to the show early, with the second season apparently wrapping production just in time for its summer release date. As of writing, showrunner Eric Kripke and Amazon have yet to confirm the news.

Amazon previously gave 'The Boys' a second season renewal before the first season even aired, so there's precedent here for an early Season 3 renewal. Not only that, the show was Amazon's most-watched original show with 8 million viewers in the first two weeks, so locking it in for the third season makes sense.

Here's the tease for the second season.