After surviving sitting in a helicopter for a few minutes, the resulting walk into the Celebrity Slammer, the "dunny", her bouts of "bright yellow" emissions, and even a stint of "Malaria", TOWIE's Gemma Collins has decided that enough is enough, she can't go on, she can't go on, no, no, no, NOOOO.

According to Digital Spy, a spokesperson for the show said: "We're sorry to see Gemma go but respect her decision and wish her well."

The first thing Gemma Collins needs to do now that she's quit the Jungle is to avoid Twitter forever. It's amazing in this day and age how juvenile the baying masses can be. If I see ONE more photo of a cow being airlifted with a Gemma Collins related caption... She's overweight, big woop - is that all you can talk about? Narrow-minded doesn't even begin to cover it...

Collins's departure will air on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! tonight at 9pm on 3e.