Ahh, the Friends reunion rumour. This time, the speculation has come about due to a fake poster which is currently doing the rounds on Twitter, as well as the media hype suggesting that it's only Jennifer Aniston who is left to agree on said reunion.

This could well be true as it's fair to say she has done the best out of six in the world outside of Central Perk. But dear Lord Jen please stay strong. Friends was undoubtedly comedy gold in its hey day but in the last few series they all pretty much became caricatures of themselves.

Although the timing would be appropriate as it's coming up to the twentieth anniversary of the sitcom and the tenth anniversary since its end. But do we really need to see where they all are now? Will Joey have returned from LA after his acting career flop? Will Chandler and Monica have added a couple more kids to the nest? Guaranteed we would probably have to deal with a Ross and Rachel break up/getting back together type story.

Thing is though, does anybody really care?! We reckon we have all moved on, and so should they. Would still watch, mind.