There's a bit of good news for Big Reunion fans today, what with rumours abound that ITV2 are already working on Series 2 of the surprise smash hit show. Who knew that the public were that nostalgic when it came to 90s pop?

Anyway, The Sun's been saying that when it comes to Series 2, bosses are hoping to get the likes of East 17, A1 and S Club 7 on board. Sounds great lads, but y'know, considering how popular B*Witched were on Series 1, we can't help but wonder if they'll be looking for a few more acts from our side of the sea?

Boyzone and Westlife weren't the only bands we produced in the 1990 and 00s y'know, so when it comes to Big Reunions we've got a few suggestions our own...

1. Six
Now excuse us for stating the obvious, but SIX just had to be in there. Remembered more for Nadine Coyle's date of birth drama than their music, you could say that this lot were doomed from the off. In fact, they said it themselves when they reunited on The Late Late Show. The industry just wasn't interested in another pop act and so Emma, Andy, Kyle, Sarah, Sinead and Liam released two hit singles before they disappeared into the sunset after a tour in 2002.

2. OTT

This one takes us right back to the nineties. Confession time: I was only in Junior Infants when these lads came to visit my school and can still remember them dancing around on the stage. Alan Fitzsimons appeared on The Voice of Ireland last year and reluctantly belted out a few bars of the back catalogue. They had four UK top thirty hits and their very last single, Story of Love, seems to be the one they're most remembered for. When they were all out of love, they disappeared.

3. D-Side

These lovely Irish lads enjoyed considerable success in Asia and were regularly featured in Smash Hits during the noughties. They had three top ten singles in the UK and supported both Blue and Westlife on tour. Their debut album Stronger Together even reached the top ten in Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, China and Japan. Rumour has it they're back together and working on new material but who knows? Sure Pushin Me Out was a crackin pop song, wha?

4. Fifth Avenue

They were probably one of the best bands to come out of Ireland and achieved considerable success but Fifth Avenue never really seemed to enjoy the career that so many said they deserved. There isn't even a Wikipedia page that makes reference to the group that was labelled 'Brian McFadden's favourite pop band'. Blonde singer Beverly was tragically killed in a car crash in 2009. RIP.

5. Bellefire

These girls could have been serious contenders if the timing had been right. We first discovered Bellefire when they supported Westlife on tour. Formed in 1999, the band's debut single Perfect Bliss was a top twenty hit in the UK and Ireland and soared to the top of the Japanese charts. They released a cover of U2's All I Want is You in 2002 and landed themselves an appearance on Top of the Pops. But, like many any act before them, they spun the wheel and said something anyway before parting ways. Wah.

UPDATE: There's been an awful lot of talk about The Carter Twins on the Twitter machine. We do aim to please, so we've added them to the list with a rather honourable mention.