After six weeks of awkward banter, cheeky flirting and some downright heartwarming moments, First Dates Ireland's inaugural season came to an end last night. It was a finale filled with Woo Woos, Tayto, one fantastic "giddy goat", and a hell of a lot of people being friend zoned, but as usual it was just the right amount of cringe and loveliness to keep us entertained of a Thursday night.

What are we all going to do next week though? Just start hanging around random restaurants watching couples on dates and eavesdropping on their conversations?? Yes, it's creepy, but I'm in if you are.

As usual, the Twitter machine lit up during the hour First Dates Ireland was on, and as always, some of you had some gas commentary on the whole thing.

Here's the best of it....

And of course, that montage at the end.... 

"Your brand of weirdness could be someone's cup of tea."

N'aww. Come back soon First Dates Ireland!