Well, are you having a good Friday? (Sorry). You should be, as we have a glorious Bank Holiday weekend lying ahead that is solely dedicated to eating chocolate, and Jesus of course, can't forget about that guy. You may not be able to hit the pub tonight but rest assured there's plenty to entertain on the box, and lots more all weekend to munch on some Easter eggs over.


Eurovision's Greatest Hits
RTE 2: 9:00pm + BBC 1: 9.00pm

Graham Norton may not have his chat show on the box tonight but you can still see him hosting this event in the Apollo in London, which celebrates 60 years of Eurovision. The show will feature many of the famous winners down the years including our own Johnny Logan, who is the only person to have won three times - twice as a singer and once as a songwriter. They were the glory days, wha'? Other past winners taking the stage include reigning champion Conchita Wurst, the UK's Brotherhood of Man with their 1976 hit Save Your Kisses for Me, Finland's hard-rock band Lordi, and Israel's Dana International. Linda Martin mustn't have been invited... she'll be ragin'.

Neighbours 30th Anniversary Special
RTE2: 7.45pm

It's been a whole thirty years since the drama on Ramsay Street first hit the screen and to mark it, the Australian soap made this special celebratory episode featuring a whole host of the show's cast past and present. It has famously launched the career of some huge stars, including Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce, Delta Goodrem, Jason Donovan and most recently, Margot Robbie. Hosted by Stefan Dennis and Tim Phillipps, who play Paul Robinson and his nephew Daniel respectively, they will chat to the likes of Ian Smith and Anne Charleston (Harold and Madge Bishop), Mark Little (Joe Mangel) and Craig McLachlan (Henry Ramsay). The whole thing should feel like one heartwarming trip down memory lane for those that spent many an evening of their childhood watching the trials and tribulations of Erinsborough unfold.

Alan Carr: Chatty Man
Channel 4: 10.00pm

The chat show host returns for another week with a decent enough lineup of guests including comedian Noel Fielding, who talks about his current stand-up tour, and Manchester City midfielder Frank Lampard, discussing the latest in his children's book series 'Frankie's Magic Football'. While Grime star Lethal Bizzle performs his new single Fester Skank live in the studio.

Check out tonight's Late Late Show lineup here, which Game of Thrones actor Liam Cunningham has just been added to!


Thunderbirds Are Go
UTV Ireland: 5.00pm

FIVE! Dunnn.. FOUR! Dunnn... THREE! And so on. This CGI-remake of the classic TV show sees a brand new International Rescue take to the skies. Gone Girl's Rosamund Pike stars as the voice of Lady Penelope while Game of Thrones' Thomas Brodie-Sangster voices one of the Tracy brothers. From what we've seen, it's definitely drawing on the likes of the wildly-popular Clone Wars TV series. So, if the little ones liked that, they'll like this.

End of the World Night
Channel 4: 9.00pm

Don't worry, the world isn't actually going to end tonight (we're pretty sure), however this show will feature academics evaluating how and if this could actually happen. Humans have been predicting the end of the world for about 5,000 years or so, and as you may have noticed, we're all still grand. It's been the subject of many a blockbuster down the years - from Bruce Willis nuking an asteroid to John Cusack outrunning a super-eruption, but how could it all go if we were actually faced with Armageddon? This one-off programme explores Hollywood's most spectacular doomsday scenes, reveals the facts behind the science fiction, and counts down 10 of the most likely outcomes.

Mercury Rising
TV3: 10.00pm

Bruce Willis plays a "renegade" FBI agent who's trying to stop the FBI and other bad-guy types from getting their hands on a young kid who's able to read encrypted code as easily as everyone reads English. Or, y'know, whatever your first language. Also, check out Alec Baldwin in an army uniform - it looks so wrong. But, y'know, it's Alec Baldwin. He should be wearing a tux or something. He's not a farmer. That's a 30 Rock reference, by the way.


American Crime
RTE2: 9.55pm, 10.50pm

American Crime's steadily grown in popularity and has been lauded critically since its beginning. In this double-bill, Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton's son arrives in town - just as their case is beginning to falter. The second episode sees Carter (Elvis Nolasco) attempting to flee the jurisdiction.

UTV Ireland: 8.00pm

What is it with British cop dramas being set in remote locations having an insanely high murder rate? Vera, thankfully, sorts out this head-scratcher by placing the series over four episodes. So, y'know, four murders. That's not a lot. Brenda Blethyn returns as the gruff detective who lives in a gorgeous manor. Tonight, she's investigating a suspicious fire in a holiday park that may have something to do with the owner's site.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley
TV3: 9.00pm

Cillian Murphy stars in this haunting, beautiful and harrowing take on the Irish War of Independence and the Civil War. Set primarily in West Cork, it follows two brothers (Cillian Murphy and Padraic Delaney) as they join the IRA to fight against British occupation. It's not long before the Treaty is signed and brother inevitably turns against brother. Ken Loach's keen eye for scenery, pacing and drama are on full display here. Get the tissues ready.


Moone Boy
Sky 1: 9.00pm

You will never guess who is set to guest star in the season finale of Moone Boy tonight, it's only bloody Paul Rudd! For reals. We have no idea who he is set to play as of yet, but we do know this episode is about Martin's grandad's imaginary friend, George Gershwin, who is a 'cool, piano-playing guy'. You know who likes to play piano? Paul Rudd. As we said, this is the last episode in the series, and there has been much speculation that it's the final ever, so take in as much of the Boyle antics as you can tonight, just in case.

Republic of Telly
RTE2: 10.00pm

The topical comedy show continues, this time featuring drag queen and gay rights activist Panti Bliss as the 'Jen of the week', as Jennifer Maguire is currently maternity leave. It's still funny enough this season with Bernard and Kevin, but we really are starting to miss Jen these days, and Brigid and Eamon dammit! Guess who else turns up tonight too?! Alf Stewart no less! Now this we have to see.

My Cousin Vinny
TV3: 11.00pm

This one is pretty much a classic at this stage, so cuddle yourself up on the couch with an Easter egg, and take comfort knowing that Joe Pesci and co will entertain you tonight. So, right, to the plot - your man from Goodfellas has to help the Karate Kid out of a pretty tricky bind, and Marissa Tomei is there too with a Brooklyn accent that will blow the head off you, earned her an Oscar, mind. And that's it! Ah no, the real story involves Joe Pesci as a loose canon lawyer, who is called in to help his nephew (Karate Kid) when he finds he has been charged with a murder, but sure you know all this already.

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