Last night was actually the last new episode of Room to Improve you'll see for a while due to a delay with the final project, although never fear, good old Dermo will be back next Sunday, albeit in a repeat episode.

Back to last night though, which saw Dermot in Dublin's Templeogue where he was attempting to bring a very seventies house into 2017 with... you guessed it... more windows and an extension. He's mad for those windows, so he is.

As usual, thing didn't go off without a hitch, as there were worries over the budget, along with problems with the height of a wall for the neighbours and some kind of dilemma over the front porch we still don't fully understand.

Things worked out grand in the end, with the couple left with a spectacular home and a dog tunnel that we really think more of a fuss should have been made over in the episode, how class was that?!

At this rate, we're more likely to afford Kent's dog house than any Dermot Bannon one, but sure we can live vicariously through his clients for now.

It's true...