You may be running out this weekend to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, but just in case you're not into that FILTH as your mother would say, never fear, there's still plenty to watch on the box, and even a bit of Jamie Dornan too. There's lots for you love birds out there as well, although hopefully you'll have a little more planned than watching telly... and a load more for those of you who would just like to pretend this whole love-buzz weekend isn't happening at all...


The Late Late Show
RTE1: 9:35pm

The Late Late Show is all set for a Valentine's Special tonight as they made a call out during the week to the single people of the nation for this week's audience. They'd want to be careful, could turn into Coppers yet out in RTE. God knows what Ryan has in store for them but we do know he will also be chatting to rugby legend Ronan O'Gara who will no doubt be talking about Ireland's Six Nations chances and catching up with the host on what he is up to these days. While the always controversial Katie Hopkins will be in for a chat with Ryan too about her recent Celebrity Big Brother stint where she narrowly lost out on first place to Katie Price. This lady is interview gold and is bound to rattle a few feathers with her extreme views on absolutely everything. The single folk had better watch out, she'll be gunning for them too no doubt!

The Graham Norton Show
BBC1: 10:35pm

There will Fifty Shades of a ROIDE on Graham Norton tonight as Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan is in for a chat. Last time he was on he entertained the crowd with 'his walk' which was actually a lot funnier than it sounds. He also has a dashing new beard now too... Sorry, where were we? Oh yeah, so joining Jamie will be comedy favourite Julie Walters, who stars in new Channel 4 drama Indian Summers, while actor Stephen Mangan will also be on, who is appearing at the National Theatre. Music is provided by Charli XCX and Rita Ora, who also stars alongside Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades. Oh look, here we are, chatting about Jamie again...

Secret Knowledge
BBC4: 7.30pm

In case you are missing Jools Holland of a Friday night, you can catch him over on BBC4 tonight as he tells the story of his father-in-law, Rory McEwen, the aristocrat, artist, folk singer and pioneering TV presenter widely credited with introducing blues music to Britain. The Hootenanny star brings his relative's story to life with McEwen's paintings, archive material, and contributions from Van Morrison, David Dimbleby and Jonathan Miller.


Live Six Nations Rugby
RTE2: 2.00pm

Ahh Six Nations season, truly the most wonderful time of year, 'ey? Our boys will line out against the French later on in the afternoon but first up the English must take on the Italians (Kick-off 2.30pm) at Twickenham where our neighbours are the clear favourites. The main focus of the day though for us lot will be in the Aviva stadium (Kick-off 5.00pm) in what will likely be one of the defining moments of the championship. No pressure then...

One Day
Film4: 6.55pm

What? It's Valentine's weekend! We needed at least one soppy movie. Adapted from David Nicholls' best selling book, this movie stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturges who meet the day they graduate university, beginning a friendship that spans twenty years of their lives. Each year, on the anniversary of the day they met, we check in on the pair to see how their lives are panning out, and the many ways their relationship has developed over the years. Not to give a well-worn argument, but the book definitely outdoes the movie twofold, but once you get over Hathaway's dodgy Yorkshire accent and the nineties getup, this proves a pretty enjoyable watch.

Harry Hill's Stars In Their Eyes
UTV Ireland: 7.05pm

Last in the series of Harry Hill's take on the classic Stars In Their Eyes sees the winners of the five heats once again transformed into their favourite pop stars to battle it out in the 'not live' final. We'll see Christina Aguilera (Christie Holland), Frankie Valli (Peter Sarsfield), Lady Gaga (Emma Wright), Paloma Faith (Sharon Williams) and John Legend (Kurt White) compete for the coveted trophy and... well you know, respect... no? Okay, just a trophy it is then.


The Casual Vacancy
BBC1: 9.00pm

The long awaited TV adaptation of the JK Rowling novel that DOESN'T involve Harry Potter has finally arrived on our screens. For those that haven't read it, the drama is set in a seemingly idyllic English village called Pagford, that has a lot more going on beneath the surface than it looks. In this first episode, the parish council chairman Howard Mollison (Michael Gambon) announces plans to turn the community centre into a health spa, which does not go down well at all. However, an unexpected turn of events leaves an empty seat on the council - a casual vacancy, you see - leading to the biggest battle this small village has ever seen. No Voldemort though, so couldn't be THAT bad...

Indian Summers
Channel 4: 9.00pm

Another great new series starting Sunday is this period drama set in 1932 India and starring the talented Julie Walters. It tells the story of the decline of the British Empire when India began its fight for independence from the English, who had taken up residency on their land since 1858. Most of the action takes place in Simla, a ‘little England’ where the wealthy British hang out in the summer months. Walters plays the proprietor of the British Club in Simla, the glamorous Cynthia Coffin who knows everything there is to know about Simla society. It promises plenty of drama and even an mysterious assassin! You have our attention Indian Summers...

I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse
BBC3: 10.00pm

Yes this is really happening. An actual reality TV show series with contestants taking part in a zombie apocalypse simulation. Kind of like Big Brother meets.... The Walking Dead. The game will see eight contestants try to get by in an abandoned shopping centre for a week in a setting that is supposed to be six months into a zombie outbreak. If they are touched by the zombies, they are eliminated. Yep, reality TV has officially ate itself folks, and the world is doomed. Safe yourselves! Before it's too late...

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